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Since 1999, The Eaves Law Firm has been fighting for justice for the citizens of Vieques, Puerto Rico, who have and continue to suffer illness due to the environmental contamination left behind from over six decades of military use of the Island. Every American should be grateful to the people of Vieques for our military preparedness. We are honored to have represented over 8,500 residents and former residents of the Island in the Sanchez case in the US Courts.

Due to the governments immunity to suit or the old English common law theory that the "King can do no wrong", the efforts for justice have ceased in the US court system, the Eaves Law Firm has been actively telling the story of Vieques in the media and more importantly in the United States Congress. We have met with over 250 members of Congress since 1999 telling them of the injustice done and asking for solutions. Currently we are visiting with members of Congress and working on legislation that would provide medical care, research and modest compensation to those who have been sick and who have filed claims in the past.

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