Automobile Accidents

Eaves Law Firm has been successfully handling accident cases since its opening in 1963. Once a victim has come to us, we send our own investigators to the scene in order to gather any and all evidence that is vital in attaining what our client deserves.

“The key to win every case is an early and thorough investigation, and here at Eaves Law Firm, we are fortunate enough to have the experience and staff members necessary to investigate all accidents while evidence is still available,” said attorney John Arthur Eaves Sr.

A prime example of the law firm’s success through investigation took place in 1998 when a 19 year-old Mississippian was traveling from Jones County to the state capitol of Jackson. While on his route, the teen’s head got severed when cut off by another vehicle hauling a bulldozer on a trailer. After weeks of thorough investigation, the team here at Eaves Law Firm was able to uncover some very important evidence—the bulldozer was not only unpermitted, but it was one foot too wide, AND the driver was intoxicated at the time of the incident. We were able to get this teen’s family the justice that they deserved!

The case above is just one example of the thousands of accident cases that Eaves Law Firm has taken on since ’63. We believe that early engagement, early investigation, and personable attorneys are the three keys to every accident case, and that’s why we are so successful here at Eaves Law Firm.

If you were injured in or lost a loved one in an automobile accident, please complete the form below and our legal team will contact you to discuss your case.