Offshore / Maritime Accidents

When it comes to offshore cases, Eaves Law Firm has been the best since 1963. We take pride in the fact that we are still your at-home, local firm, but we still manage to work vigorously all across the globe.

In 1989, a typhoon emerged within the waters of Thailand and struck an oil drilling ship resulting in the ship sinking. The international company that owned the vessel refused to let its employees evacuate leading to over 20 deaths. Representing some of the victims’ families, Eaves Law Firm had the scene of the underwater wreckage investigated. So much evidence was found that the company was forced to pay generous settlements to each family.

Another example of our dedication to offshore cases took place in 1994 when a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean came face to face with a massive storm. The ship’s captain asked the company for permission to turn around, but they forced him to keep going. Due to the company’s inhumane decision, the storm sank the ship, and 29 crewmembers were killed. After we found evidence not only proving that the product had been improperly stored on the ship, but that the company put its financial profit before the safety of its employees, Eaves Law Firm was able to attain compensation for the families of the victims.

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