Aviation Accidents

Since our founding in 1963, Eaves Law Firm has successfully handled hundreds of aviation cases across the globe. No matter whether it’s a plane crash in New York or a missing airplane eventually found in the depths of South America, we always bring our award-winning, personable attorneys and their outstanding investigative skills to every aviation case.

Overall, we have been able to distinguish ourselves as one of the top aviation law firms in the nation due to the fact that we have retained millions of dollars for victims of airplane crashes or the families of the victims.

If you were injured in or lost a loved one in an airplane or helicopter accident please complete the form below and our legal team will contact you to discuss your case.

Our clients include victims and families from the American Airlines crash in Rockaway, New York in 2001, the American Airlines crash in Cali Colombia, the Swissair flight off the coast of Newfoundland, the Air France 442 crash, many helicopter crashes in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. Military air crash with a gondola in Cavalese, Italy.