We are Fighting back against supporters of terror.

IED Blasts occur every day throughout the Middle East—by wounding or killing thousands of soldiers every year, these acts of violence are detrimental to not only the American soldiers, but also to the families and friends of the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Undeniable proof has been found that shows the country of Iran has been and is continuing to manufacture these malicious forms of weaponry. Eaves Law Firm is working together to help put a stop to terrorism by attacking the critical infrastructure of terrorism through taking away money that would normally go towards manufacturing EFPs from such groups.

The firm’s ultimate goal is to help all affected by acts of terrorism—from ones with PTSD to family members of lost loved ones and everything in between. When asked about representing soldiers effected by IED attacks, attorney and war-veteran Eaves Sr. said, "if they are going to continue to do these terrible acts, those cowards need to know that their victims are going to persistently come after them in order to gain compensation for these disastrously acts of terrorism."

Visit https://blastvet.com for more information.

If you were injured by an EFP in Iraq or Afghanistan please join our fight by completing the form below and our legal team will contact you to discuss your case.