Opioid Addiction

We at the Eaves Law Firm have represented thousands of people who were injured from prescription drugs and from products like asbestos. We have also fought against the countries and banks that profited from supporting terrorism. We have filed many actions of first impression leading the way to change the way businesses operate to create a safer world for us to live. We believe that we have made a small difference in the pharmaceutical industry, the insulation industry, the passenger cruise industry, the airline industry, the freight industry, and the offshore drilling industry. We should not measure our success by how much money we have collected but how many lives have been saved and how many lives were not lost in vain while svaing others.

We are exceptionally passionate to take on the profiteers from the opioid epidemic as our family has been affected and we have lost many friends from addiction. Because of our experience in the past with pharmaceutical companies, medical systems, cyber litigation, and environmental disasters, we are uniquely qualified to lead the fight against opioid profiteering. In order to bring change, we have fought in the courts, in Congress to change laws, and in the press to bring the changes that are needed to pursue “life liberty, and justice. We will go anywhere and do whatever we can, within the limits of the law, to bring about our mission of serving our Creator by serving our fellow man.

With your trust and God’s guidance, we will do all in our power to take the profit from those who promote enable, and support the opioid epidemic that is taking our loved ones and we will make sure they have not died or were injured in vain.

If you suffer or have suffered from Opioid Addiction or have lost a loved one to Opioid Addiction, please complete the form below and our legal team will contact you to discuss your potential case.

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